Getting my Fall on


I was asked by two different wards to come up with some easy, cheap, and fun decoration ideas for the fall season Super Saturday event. A trip to the grocery store for candy and some dry beans was on tap, but the rest of the vases, candles, ribbon, and basic supplies were all already in my house….except for the crab apples and seed pods….those I picked up off the sidewalk 20 feet from my front door.


Sadly, one of the wards completely changed their program and they cancelled everything I had prepared for them. Everyone at the meeting thanked me for my ideas, but in the end I carried it all through the rain for naught. Oh well….now I have a fantastic centerpiece for another week before they will be used at another Saturday that I’m told is set in stone.

I think it will be pretty entertaining!


About bylorena

The combined superpowers of Jon and Lori Woodbury began in 2005 after planning and thoroughly enjoying their own wedding. From Jon and his 4 years of professional photography along with an amazing artistic eye, in conjunction with Lori's 15 years of wedding planning, flower arranging and all-around history in the biz, you can see why it was such a natural fit to the industry. These two individuals combined to create Weddings by Woodbury and have helped counted others create, enjoy, and remember wonderful wedding days. In the two years since their marriage, Jon and Lori have expanded beyond planning and pictures. With the help of other masked marvels, they have added printing, flowers, videography, baking, decorating, catering, scrap-booking, fashion advice, and even a personal trainer to get you into shape for your big day to their arsenal of assistance. If they don’t do it, they know someone who can. They also enjoy travel and have photographed extensively around the world. Feel free to ask them if they'd travel for you. Check in regularly to read the updated adventures of these wedding wonders or just enjoy their chance to rant. Also, call or email if you have any questions or want to stump the professionals. They enjoy a challenge. Weddings by Woodbury

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